LHarkerThe history of the woman known variously as ‘Miss Harker’, ‘Lady Godalming’, ‘Lucy Harker’, ‘the bloofer lady’ and ‘oh god oh jesus it’s her run’ is shrouded in half-truths and mystery. Which is just the way she likes it.

The facts of the case are this: sometime at the end of the 19th century, a monstrous evil invaded England. This evil was confronted and destroyed in its lair in Purfleet by a disparate band of men and women. But the battle was not without its consequences. One such was the birth of the woman who calls herself Lucy Harker.

The daughter of a solicitor and a school mistress, but the child of a monster, Harker was born with certain unnatural gifts. These gifts saw her swiftly become the most invaluable member of the Westenra Fund, and its lead exterminator of sanguinary vermin. To date, Harker has seen to the destruction of over thirty vampires, five at her own hands.

Currently, Harker is head of the Fund’s foreign operations division. It was in this capacity that she first encountered St. Cyprian during the Carpathian Repatriation of 1920, and was forced to work alongside him in order to return the skull of Dracula to its rightful owners.

Lucy Harker has appeared in the following stories: