Ave Dominus Dracula. Hail Dracula, the Black Goat of Mendes, the Blood Red King. Blood for Dracula. Blood for the Devil’s best begotten son. 

170px-VladOriginalThe clandestine organization claiming the title of the Order of the Dragon has its origins in the 14th century military order of the same name. However, the original purpose of the order has long since been twisted to a darker cause. The Order, once the bulwark of Christianity, now serves the abomination known as Dracula.

While the Order is not alone in its servitude to Dracula, it is the most organized of the many cultic groups which follow the gospel of the Blood Red King. Dracula’s death in 1889 has done little to curtail their activities.

Indeed, the Order’s power waxed in the years following Dracula’s destruction at the hands of a small band of adventurers. The Order pursued the aims of its master with assiduous determination and military zeal, even during the Great War.

For a time, the Order was considered preeminent among the secret societies and clandestine groups which haunted the shadows of Europe in the wake of the war, rivaling even the Bavarian Illuminati and the sinister Black Coats for influence. However, their power waned significantly in the wake of the so-called Carpathian Repatriation of 1920…

The Order has appeared in the following stories: