A body drained of blood is found on Hampstead Heath. Three nights later, a white face is seen pressed against a window in Highgate. In Hampstead tube station, something titters in the shadows of the platform. In Surrey, a phone rings.

The agents of the Westenra Fund are on the case…


Sir Arthur Holmwood

The origins of the organization known as the Westenra Fund are traceable to an incident in Purfleet, in 1889. A disparate group of men and women banded together to defeat one of the greatest evils to ever assail the shores of England. In the aftermath, the survivors swore an oath to defend their homeland from the scourge of vampirism.

Unlike the Ministry of Esoteric Observation, or the office of the Royal Occultist, the Westenra Fund is a privately funded organization, with only tenuous links to the British government. While this is mostly by choice, it is also due in no small part to the Fund’s proclivity for excessive collateral damage in pursuing their singular calling.

The current head of operations for the Westenra Fund is also one of its main financial backers–Sir Arthur Holmwood, Lord Godalming. Godalming is an elderly, but still vigorous man who often insists on leading domestic operations himself. Foreign operations are often left to the mysterious Miss Harker, an unusually pale young woman of unsettling demeanor…

The Westenra Fund has appeared in the following stories:


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