BobbieWildeRoberta ‘Bobbie’ Wilde is the sort of woman for whom the word ‘sporty’ was coined. She is the current owner of the Bow Road Bakery, which began as a front for Sarah Pankhurst’s East London League of Suffragettes. When the group navigated the choppy seas of gender parity into the harbour of Leftist politics, the Bakery changed hands and backers. Run by volunteers, to raise funds for various Socialist and Communist groups, the quality of the product tends to vary.

Wilde, an ambulance driver in the War, met Charles St. Cyprian at Ypres, after he was wounded. While their engagement only lasted a few months, neither has entirely forgiven the other for it happening in the first place. As such, Wilde has only rarely sought out St. Cyprian’s help in dealing with the occasional poltergeist, as well as that one time Edith tried to make a golem in the bread oven.

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