HarryLundBroad-shouldered and boisterous despite his advanced years, Harry Lund is a retired ghost-pummeler and the proprietor of one of the oldest pubs in all of England. The pub is located somewhere in the city of York, abutting the city walls, and has been owned by a Lund since York was known as Jorvik. When Eric Bloodaxe fled in AD 954 with King Eadred on his heels, the Lunds remained.

In his youth, Harry assisted the then-Royal Occultist, Sir Edwin Drood, on a number of cases, including the Gibbering Ghoul of Gormley and the Red Planet Conspiracy. As an adult, he worked alongside Drood’s successor, Thomas Carnacki, on more than one occasion, including the Noving Fur Case. When World War I began, Harry girded his loins, picked up the family longsword and went to France to fight for King and Country.

It was during the War that Harry made the acquaintance of a young Charles St. Cyprian, then serving as apprentice to Thomas Carnacki. During the events of the Fausseflammes Affair, Harry was instrumental in aiding Carnacki, St. Cyprian and a voluble French agent named de Grandin in dispatching the revivified vampiric nobleman, Malinbois, and his army of the dead.

Following the war, Harry settled down to a life of quiet proprietorship. His retirement was only occasionally interrupted by the newest Royal Occultist looking for help with draugr-attacks, murderous Saturn-cultists and rampaging bargests…

Harry Lund has appeared in the following stories:

  • “The Jagtooth Lane Horror”

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