WendySmythePhilip Wendy-Smythe, last of a once-proud line. Avowed orientalist and amateur occultist, he amassed a substantial collection of mostly fake, but occasionally extremely dangerous artifacts, grimoires and statuary. Wendy-Smythe’s abiding obsession was the exploration of reality’s darkest corners. This obsession often led him into dangerous situations, such as the incident with Gussie Winkers and the Cult of Anubis. This necessitated his rescue on more than one occasion by the Royal Occultist and his plucky-yet-vicious assistant.

Over the course of his life, he joined and was subsequently expelled from over a dozen secret societies, prior to (and after) meeting St. Cyprian and Gallowglass, including the Cult of Gla’aki, the Order of the Cosmic Ram, the Starry Wisdom, the Golden Dawn, and a heretofore unnamed sect of cultists inhabited by brain-eating insects.

He was also the only man to be expelled from the Voyagers Club on three separate occasions, most recently after accidentally unleashing a phantom clowder of ancient Egyptian cat-ghosts in the communal billiards room.

Philip Wendy-Smythe has appeared in the following stories:

  • “Squatter’s Rights”
  • “The Black Brotherhood”
  • “The d’Erlette Configuration”
  • “Wendy-Smythe’s Worm”
  • “The Necromancer’s Drum”

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