BVordenburgBaron Palman Vordenburg was the last in a line of Styrian noblemen, formerly of Graz, Upper Styria, later of Piccadilly, London. Vordenburg came from a long line of vampire hunters, stretching back through the centuries and carried on his family legacy with a single-minded aplomb.

Prior to WWI, he held a position similar to that of the Royal Occultist, albeit acting on behalf of the Habsburg Monarchy. In this capacity, he hunted and dispatched any number of continental horrors, including vampires, werewolves and ghouls. In the years following the war, Vordenburg, in search of a fresh start, upped stakes for England.

St. Cyprian and Gallowglass first met Vordenburg during the events of the so-called ‘Coventry Street Terror’ in April of 1922, where his assistance in eliminating the undead monstrosity known as the ‘Wolf of Styria’ proved invaluable. Following this incident, Vordenburg became something of a consulting monster-hunter, offering his services to clients in both England and abroad…