Royal Occultist_Haunted Holidays The Royal Occultist: Haunted Holidays contains four previously published stories–”The Dreaming Dead”,”Krampusnacht”, “The Gotterdammerung Gavotte”, “Feast of Fools”–and one all new, never before published story, “The Riders of St. George”, which sees St. Cyprian and Gallowglass battle an army of undead knights on St. George’s Day. The collection, delivered in a .zip file, contains the following:

  • PDF version
  • EPUB version
  • MOBI version
  • Cover art JPG
  • PDF Preview of The Whitechapel Demon

The cover art is by MD Jackson. Haunted Holidays, as stated above, also includes a free preview of The Whitechapel Demon, the first Royal Occultist novel, as well as a brief introductory essay on the origins of the characters. If there are any problems with the files, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

While Haunted Holidays is free to download, I ask that you make a one time donation to RSPCA Sheffield, or the charity of your choice, in lieu of payment, if possible. To donate to RSPCA Sheffield, click HERE.