It was a middling thing, made of beaten copper and crudely shaped by a peasant’s forge in an earlier century. Something that might have been a wolf’s head, if you squinted, had been scratched into its surface…

“The Hungry Stones” (2014)

The origins of the Gubbio Sigillum are lost to the shadows of history. It was forged sometime in the 13th century in the city of Gubbio in northeastern Italy. Whether it was used by St. Francis of Assisi to halt the depredations of the monstrous Wolf of Gubbio as some occultists swear, or whether it was crafted for some other purpose, no one truly knows.

How it came into the hands of the Royal Occultist is another mystery, relating to certain events in Gevaudan in the 18th century. What is known is that the Sigillum has proven some use in seeing off certain types of demon and ghost, as well as werewolves, hellhounds and black dogs.

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