Never underestimate to what lengths a desire for justice–or vengeance–can drive a man. Even the most innocuous may become a fearless combatant of that which stalks the shadowed corners of the world.

The fearless vampire-killer Damon St. Cloud, created by indy author Joel Jenkins, is one such example of the lengths a wronged man will go to make things right, or to claim his pound of undead flesh. 


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In Joel’s own words:

“At one time Damon St. Cloud was an investigative reporter for the Denbrook Examiner, until his muck-raking exposed the corruptions and the attention of the mayor. Before he could publish his exposė he came home one October night to find that his wife and son were dead, pale and withered, not a drop of blood left in them.

Shortly after, Damon St. Cloud disappeared. Those with inside knowledge presumed that the mayor had caught up with him as well—fitted him with cement shoes and dropped him into the bottom of the Hopkins River. Others speculated that he had been driven mad by the death of his family and was living in the vast complex of storm sewers beneath the city.

In fact, the strange circumstances of his family’s murder sent Damon on a journey to the far flung corners of the world and finally in Tibet he discovered the truth about the creatures that had killed his wife and son, and realized that the world was succumbing to a hidden plague, a cancer of vampirism that was eating cities like Denbrook from the inside out.

No longer were vampires content to lurk in the shadows and prey upon hapless victims, but they had spread their influence to religion and politics, pulling strings and manipulating humankind from behind the scenes. With this new found knowledge burning in St. Cloud’s brain, he returns to the United States to execute his vendetta against the blood-hungry fiends where ever he might find them, and finally comes home to vampire-infested Denbrook to seek justice.

In the course of his investigations, St. Cloud discovers that vampires are not the only supernatural entities seeking power and control over Denbrook. For darker, more inscrutable, entities of even greater hunger lie deep in the bowels of the city…”

Damon St. Cloud appears in the chapbook The Blood Vault and in the full length novel Devil Take the Hindmost. A future volume featuring Damon St. Cloud is in the works from Pulpwork Press. Joel Jenkins’ site is