Given the sheer number of available and forthcoming Royal Occultist stories,  it’s not surprising that queries regarding when certain stories took place, and in what order, have become more common. To that end, below you’ll find a handy-dandy official-as-of-this-moment Royal Occultist story chronology for all you continuity buffs. 




“Monmouth’s Giants” Thomas Carnacki makes the acquaintance of one Charles St. Cyprian as they investigate ghostly giants in Guildhall!


”Hochmuller’s Hound” Thomas Carnacki and his assistant, Charles St. Cyprian battle the monstrous Hound of MonsExcerpt HERE.


“Dead Men’s Bones” Thomas Carnacki and his assistant, Charles St. Cyprian join forces with an American ghost-breaker to battle a giant made from the corpses of fallen soldiers!


”The Unwrapping Party” St. Cyprian and Gallowglass confront a linen-shrouded horror out of black aeons at a Soho mummy-unwrapping party! Excerpt HERE.

”The Dreaming Dead” St. Cyprian and Gallowglass face down a trauma-eating entity in Bethnal Green Infirmary! Excerpt HERE.

”Merry John Mock” St. Cyprian and Gallowglass deal with ghostly swine and malevolent mummers during a Winter Solstice in the Channel Islands! Excerpt HERE.


”The Maida Vale Mummy” St. Cyprian and Gallowglass confront some decidedly risible Roman remains in a Maida Vale wine-cellar! Excerpt HERE.

THE WHITECHAPEL DEMON In the wake of a séance gone wrong, a monstrous killer is summoned from the depths of nightmare by a deadly murder-cult. It’s up to St. Cyprian and Gallowglass to stop the bloodthirsty horror before another notch is added to its gory tally, but will they become the next victims of the horror disguised as London’s most famous killer?

“Orbis Tertius” St. Cyprian and Gallowglass battle a predatory reality in the heart of London!

“The Strix Society” St. Cyprian and Gallowglass confront a deadly society of psychic predators in London!

”An Ounce of Prevention” St. Cyprian and Gallowglass taking on an avian entity of the Pictish persuasion in rural Cornwall! Excerpt HERE.

”The Artist as Wolf” St. Cyprian and Gallowglass locking horns with an artistically inclined lycanthrope in London! Excerpt HERE.

”Krampusnacht” St. Cyprian and Gallowglass battle the demonic Krampus in London on Christmas Eve! Excerpt HERE.


”Sign of the Salamander” St. Cyprian and Gallowglass deal with murder, foreign agents and a ferocious fire elemental in Egypt! Excerpt HERE.

”The Gotterdammerung Gavotte” St. Cyprian and Gallowglass join forces with five other occult detectives–including Algernon Blackwood’s John Silence–to confront the horrors of the Great Old Ones! Excerpt HERE.


“The Black Brotherhood” St. Cyprian and Gallowglass must foil the shadowy schemes of an occult society bent on murder in Hampstead!

”Iron Bells” St. Cyprian and Gallowglass investigate horrors in the Underground, and worse things waiting in London! Excerpt HERE.

”The Hunting of Philip Ackroyd” St. Cyprian and Gallowglass battle a phantasmal predator in their own sanctum sanctorum! Excerpt HERE.

“The Bells of Northam” St. Cyprian and Gallowglass team up with Harley Warren and Randolph Carter to prevent the rise of a horror out Roman times! Excerpt HERE.

-“The d’Erlette Configuration” St. Cyprian and Gallowglass must solve a demonic puzzle-box before an unholy unpleasantness is unleashed! Excerpt HERE.

”The Wedding Seal” St. Cyprian and Gallowglass deal with a selkie under domestic duress and her fierce kin in the Orkney Islands! Excerpt HERE.

”Feast of Fools” St. Cyprian and Gallowglass face down the sinister Saturn Society on a bothersome Boxing Day! Excerpt HERE.


”In the Dark and Quiet” St. Cyprian and Gallowglass confront a monstrous not-a-ghost beneath the Bank of England!

”Wendy-Smythe’s Worm” St. Cyprian and Gallowglass confront a rapacious and ever-expanding serpent of mythical, malevolent proportions in Kensington! 

”The Jagtooth Lane Horror” St. Cyprian and Gallowglass tangle with a draugr in the snickleways of York! Excerpt HERE.

“The Hungry Stones” St. Cyprian and Gallowglass match wits with a possessed woman and a lupine horror in Derbyshire!

”The Pnakotic Puzzle” St. Cyprian and Gallowglass match wits with a bevy of devilish intruders, including a time traveler and an amorphous entity! Excerpt HERE.


“Deo Viridio” St. Cyprian and Gallowglass battle a pagan fertility god in Lincolnshire! 

-“The Cult of the Horrible” St. Cyprian and Gallowglass match wits with a grotesque cult of monster-worshippers in South Yorkshire!

”Owd Hob” St. Cyprian and Gallowglass match wits with a vicious boggart in Suffolk! Excerpt HERE.


“The Roaring Ship” St. Cyprian and Gallowglass battle zombies and a spectral Zeppelin in Swaffham! Excerpt HERE.

“The Third Death of Henry Antrim” St. Cyprian and Gallowglass hunt for a vampire during a Christmas party! Excerpt HERE.


The chronology is fairly bare bones at the minute, being composed only of the available and forthcoming stories in the mythos.

In the coming months other entries will be added to it, including certain events, such as the Shooter’s Hill Incident, Edwin Drood’s disappearance and the taking of Aylmer Beamish, which are mentioned in the stories above but are not, as yet, recorded.

As new stories are published, they will also be added to this chronology.