“Owd Hob” sees St. Cyprian and Gallowglass match wits with a vicious boggart in Suffolk. It was first published on the Monster Corral site in February 2013. It is also available in audio format. Excerpt below cut.


“I told you to be careful,” St. Cyprian said. “Owd Hob over there has the arm of a champion bowler.” The boggart gave a shriek and sprang from the table to the walk-in cupboard, its cloven hooves gouging the wood and its claws tearing at the panelling as it slithered up over the uppermost edge of the door like a weasel. It was squat and hairy, with arms as long as tacklepoles, and bandy legs that belonged on a goat. It had no neck to speak of and a head shaped like a wedge that was split almost in two by its gaping maw.  Piggy eyes that burned like hot coals glared at them from beneath a thatch of greasy hair as it disappeared into the cupboard.

“He won’t have any arms at all when I’m done with him,” Gallowglass snapped. More crockery flew, and shards spattered over them as the boggart began to empty the cupboard with Maxim gun like regularity.

“I think he heard you,” St. Cyprian said, covering his head with his hands…