As noted in several stories, St. Cyprian and Gallowglass use a singular black Crossley hp 20/25 to get around London (and once, notably, a Channel Island). The car is of the same type once used by the Metropolitan Police Service’s Flying Squad. 

The Crossley has sustained damage on numerous occasions, including once being flattened by an ancient Celtic swine-god, having the roof ripped off by a Pictish deity of the avian persuasion, as well as having the wind-shield shattered by an overly-excitable lycanthrope. Most recently, it was crushed (and subsequently burned) in the coils of a loathsome worm. Nonetheless, it continues to function, after inevitable repairs, with an almost human stubbornness, carrying the duo out of (and into) danger dependably.

As to just who repairs it, well…that’s a different entry altogether.