While Charles St. Cyprian favours the smaller, more compact Bulldog, his assistant/apprentice Ebe Gallowglass prefers the Webley-Fosbery. Heavy, recoil-operated and distinctly one-of-a-kind, the Fosbery is a hand cannon of the first order and Gallowglass puts it to regular, if not good, use. While an excellent shot–much better than her employer–firearms are less than useful against Outer Abominations and Faerie Queens. 

Unlike her employer, Gallowglass wears a modified shoulder holster to carry the revolver, despite the apparent discomfort caused by the weapon’s weight and awkward shape. While the Fosbery is the most evident of her weapons, Gallowglass has made it a habit to carry the occasional back-up weapon, including at one point, a Vickers Gun, during the abysmal ‘Algonquin Park Incident’.

Like St. Cyprian, Gallowglass has a number of special cartridges for the Fosbery, including several prepared in the Alpine tradition. These came in handy during a Yuletide confrontation with the demonic Krampus. Other modifications include a Seal of Solomon engraved on the butt.

While St. Cyprian’s Bulldog is a holdover from his military service, Gallowglass’ Fosbery is more in the way of a family heirloom, belonging as it did to her father, the late, unlamented Donal Gallowglass. The reason why the elder Gallowglass gifted his young daughter with his sidearm is, as yet, unknown…