If you’ve read any of the series to date, you’ll have noticed that one of Charles St. Cyprian’s favoured tools is his faithful Webley Bulldog. The British Bulldog, as it is better known, is a compact, five shot revolver designed to be carried in a man’s coat pocket. 

St. Cyprian, being something of a walking advertisement for Gieves & Hawkes, finds the idea of a holster, shoulder or otherwise distasteful, not to mention distressing to the hang of his coat , or so he claims. In reality, his lack of enthusiasm for any sort of proper weapons decorum is a result of his time in His Majesty’s armed forces during the Great War, and the memories which resulted from that service.

The Bulldog has seen action in a variety of fronts, including the Sudan, Malta and the infamous and subsequently erased-from-all-records Siege of Ylourgne in 1918, when a rampaging corpse-colossus made war on both sides.

While terrestrial weapons are generally worse than useless in most cases requiring the attentions of the Queen’s Conjurer, there are times that a good handgun can be a Royal Occultist’s best friend. For those occasions, St. Cyprian has had a number of special cartridges created, including, among other oddities, some fashioned from melted-down church bells as well as the ubiquitous silver bullets.

The latter, contrary to all expectations and available folklore, have yet to prove useful…