Ebe Gallowglass is a short, slender woman of Egyptian descent in her early twenties, with a propensity for dressing like a cross between a Parisian street-Apache and a newsboy.  She is also the (reluctant) (fairly murderous) assistant to Charles St. Cyprian, the current occupier of the offices of the Royal Occultist of the British Empire and its associated territories.  

Little is known about Gallowglass’ life prior to her involvement in the Shooter’s Hill Incident (1919) and her current association with Charles St. Cyprian. But what is known is altogether unpleasant.

Ebe Gallowglass is the daughter of the Irish revolutionary, mercenary and occultist, Donal Gallowglass and an as-yet unidentified Cairo woman believed to be the high priestess of an outlawed religious sect. Gallowglass’ childhood was spent within the secretive confines of her mother’s cult; of said cult and its high priestess, little is known save that it (and she) left Gallowglass with a lifelong abhorrence of cats.

Donal, who in his sordid and violent career came into conflict with not one, but two of St. Cyprian’s predecessors, was not present for his daughter’s youth and indeed, seems not to have been aware of her until shortly before he met his death during the Britannic Affair (1916). The only keepsake she possesses of the late, unlamented Donal is his signature Webley-Fosberry revolver with the Seal of Solomon on the butt, picked out in ivory. Why the reportedly unsentimental Donal did so died with him in the boiler room of the Britannic.

Some time in the closing months of 1918, Gallowglass’ mother was murdered by rivals within her sect, leading to Gallowglass’ subsequent pursuit of said individuals across two continents, before tracking the last of them to London in 1919. This led directly to the aforementioned Shooter’s Hill Incident (1919) and her involvement with Charles St. Cyprian began in the aftermath…