Next Monday will see the first instalment of an all new, absolutely free three part serial, “Wendy-Smythe’s Worm”. Subsequent chapters will appear each following Monday, and any and all re-tweets, ‘Likes’ and comments are welcome. For a taste of what’s to come, check below the cut…


The egg hatched at midnight.

The worm emerged, its still-soft scales rasping against the leathery edges of the egg, and dropped off of the display table to the floor of the study with a dull thump. It was the color of dried blood and already as long as a man’s arm. Eyes the color of rotting pears fastened first on the window, which looked out at the quiet Chelsea evening. Then, hunger prodding it, its eyes fixed on the softly snoring shape of the man in the chair near the crackling fire place and with an eager hiss the worm began to slither across the floor, its scales leaving gouges in the wood.

As it undulated, its body began to stretch, growing longer and longer, until it was big enough to rear up behind the chair and curl around it. It opened its jaws, preparing to swallow the man’s head whole. The soft click of a pistol being cocked caused it to pause, however.

The man in the chair opened his eyes and smiled. “Well, aren’t you the lovely beast?”


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