Charles St. Cyprian is a slim man in his late twenties-early thirties, with a Mediterranean complexion, an Old College, Oxford intonation and an inordinate fondness for the sartorial creations of Savile Row.  He is also the current holder of the offices of the Royal Occultist of the British Empire and its associated territories.

Prior to assuming the responsibilities of the foremost occult office in the Empire, St. Cyprian was, at best, an uninspiring candidate. A stereotypical example of the ‘idle rich’ with an attention span limited to the retention of cricket scores and the occasional bout of auto-polo, a fresh-from-university St. Cyprian became involved with the ‘Cheyne Walk set’ in the year prior to commencement of hostilities on the Continent.

It was during the so-called Gogmagog Incident (1914), that St. Cyprian met Thomas Carnacki, and the former aided the latter in exorcising the titanic spectral monstrosities which lurked in the crypts beneath the Guildhall, London. By all accounts, St. Cyprian impressed Carnacki with his quick-thinking as well as his ability to wield a xiphos.

Following this, St. Cyprian joined Arkwright, Dodgson and the others in Carnacki’s clique; in reality, St. Cyprian was the last addition to the roster for consideration of the position of Carnacki’s assistant. Despite the apparent suitability of several of the other candidates, Carnacki chose St. Cyprian on the eve of war.

From 1914 to 1918, St. Cyprian served as Carnacki’s amanuensis and dogsbody in England and abroad, learning the ins and outs of the duties of the Royal Occultist with commendable speed. With Carnacki’s death at the Kemmelberg during the Fourth Battle of Ypres in 1918, St. Cyprian was given a battlefield commission to Captain and assumed the duties of the Royal Occultist.

After the War, St. Cyprian returned to England and attempted to re-assume his old life with mixed success, establishing questionable ties to the Runcible and Wooster social sets among others, including a number of occult sects. However, not long after taking up residence in No. 427 Cheyne Walk, St. Cyprian first encountered his future assistant, Ebe Gallowglass during the Shooter’s Hill Incident (1919), and began to take his duties seriously…