So, you’re probably wondering what all of this is about. If so, it’s best if you visit the ‘About’ page. If you’re wondering who I am, well, why not check out my blog?

If you don’t feel like clicking either of those links, well, this is a hub site for all things ‘Royal Occultist’. What’s a Royal Occultist, you ask? Are you sure you don’t want to go to the ‘About’ page? No? Then feel free to continue on… 

The Royal Occultist is the man (or woman) who stands between the United Kingdom and dangers of an occult, otherworldly, infernal or divine nature. Whether it’s werewolves in Wolverhampton or satyrs in Somerset, the Royal Occultist will be there to confront, cajole or conquer the menace in question. There have been many Royal Occultists, and there will be many more, thanks to the strong British sense of tradition, bloody-minded necessity and the ridiculously short life expectancy for those who assume the post.

The ‘current’ Royal Occultist  is Charles St. Cyprian, who took up his duties in 1918 in the final months of the Great War. It’s a time of Bright Young Things and bestial horrors the likes of which the world is not prepared to confront, and so, traumatized by past experiences and increasingly out of his depth, St. Cyprian and his murderously trigger-happy assistant, Ebe Gallowglass, battle boggarts and boojums the width of the crumbling British Empire.

That’s the ‘in-story’ explanation. The behind-the-scenes explanation is a lot less hyperbolic. The series of stories, which you can find listed on this page, started life as a New Pulp concept for Pro Se Press’ now defunct Fantasy & Fear magazine. Said concept was fairly simple…a new story, featuring the duo of St. Cyprian and Gallowglass, for every third issue of the monthly magazine, resulting in four stories a year.

As originally conceived, it was a monster-of-the-week series with no baggage to confuse new readers, and I could indulge in my unwholesome love of history and combine it with my equally unwholesome love of monsters. The concept was approved and the first two stories–“The Sign of the Salamander” and “The Jagtooth Lane Horror”–were written. While F&F folded after only one story appeared, I nonetheless managed to place several more and soon, the series was humming along.

Thus, ever-keen to capitalize on any amount of success, no matter how ephemeral or minuscule, I decided to start this blog as a way of keeping those whom have become fans of the Royal Occultist and his brave (but dangerous) apprentice informed and up-to-date on stories and such else as might occur.

So, what can you expect from this blog?

Well, not regular posts, that’s for sure. The schedule will be erratic, punctuated by vast swathes of silence. Basically, when I have something to report, I’ll post it. In addition to news, I’ll also be posting excerpts from published stories and works-in-progress as well as interesting ephemera about the world of the Royal Occultist…everything from a discourse on the calibre of handgun Gallowglass uses to the design specifications of Carnacki’s patented electric pentacle.

Too, given my unabashed enthusiasms for all things ‘occult detective’ related, I’ll likely mention other things-whether said things be books, authors, films, etc-that those who enjoy the adventures of St. Cyprian and Gallowglass might also be interested in.

And that is that for the inaugural post. As Carnacki was wont to say…out you go!